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Scribus – a viable dtp tool?



Learning to learn again

The release of version 1.4 of Scribus was the trigger for an entire series of blog posts („Krieg der Welten — War of the worlds“), because I wanted to know if I’d be able to create a printed version of a flyer that I can easily set up from scratch in InDesign within about an hour or two.

And yes, it is very much possible to go to press with Scribus. My test showed only two major shortcomings during testing:

  1. There are no true transparencies.
  2. I can’t get a quick print on my home inkjet printer.

All  other stuff works; pretty well, actually. After holding the printed flyer in my hands I even have to conclude that RGB to CMYK transformations are very nice and neutral. And on top of that Scribus can do some things that make it a very interesting tool for some special use cases.

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Give us an HTML RIP!


Save print—develop an OpenSource HTML RIP!

I’ve started this blog because I felt the advertising community looked at print becoming increasingly old-fashioned and lacking innovation. I wanted to counter that view by showing that print is fascinating; especially taking into account that the world around the press is becoming more and more “electronic”.

But today I have to state: Print will become redundant, because key players in print just won’t let go of the attitude that printing is a science. That, if you want to take part in that process, you have to comply to a multitude of requirements.

Neither the companies who benefit from selling software and workflow systems dongled by PDF, nor the key people in the industry seem to be acknowledging that the world has kept turning over the past 20 years, that print already has lost its momentum as the prime publishing platform. The big players milk the cash cow PDF until it’s clinically dead.

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Take a look beyond PDF, folks!


Why? Because PDF sucks at “future”.

Last week the Wolfram Group came out with its new file format named CDF. Well, isn’t that, wait … yes, that’s very close to “PDF” and I suspect the Wolfram Group was anxiously seeking for that proximity. For various reasons. I am not going to elaborate on that aspect, but I guess Adobe is as eager to earn money as is Mr Wolfram and his company. And both may rightfully pursuit their financial well being. But they’re both led astray. Because:

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Do you speak English?

I see a lot of accesses to printpraxis.net from countries around the world. Since the site, up to now, is completely written in German, I'd like to know, whether this should probably change. 

So if you would like to see some (and exactly, which?) info in English, please be so kind and let me know. 🙂