Wovor Adobe seine Investoren warnt

Haben Sie schon mal gelesen, vor welchen Risiken Adobe seine Investoren in den Jahres- und Quartalsberichten warnt?

The increased emphasis on a cloud strategy may give rise to risks that could harm our business.

In fiscal 2013 we discontinued future development and new releases of the perpetually licensed line of Creative Suite products to focus our digital media business on Creative Cloud. As a result, we expect to derive an increasing portion of our revenues in the future from subscriptions to our creative tools and cloud-based offerings. This subscription model prices and delivers our products in a way that differs from the historical pricing and delivery methods of our creative tools. These changes reflect a significant shift from perpetual license sales and distribution of our software in favor of providing our customers the right to access certain of our software in a hosted environment or use downloaded software for a specified subscription period. This cloud strategy requires continued investment in product development and cloud operations, and may give rise to a number of risks, including the following:

  • if new or current customers desire only perpetual licenses or to purchase or renew only point product subscriptions rather than acquire the entire Creative Cloud offering, our subscription sales may lag behind our expectations;
  • the shift to a cloud strategy may raise concerns among our customer base, including concerns regarding changes to pricing over time, information security of a cloud solution and access to files while offline or once a subscription has expired;
  • small businesses and hobbyists may turn to competitive or open-source offerings;
  • we may be unsuccessful in maintaining our target pricing, new seat adoption and projected renewal rates, or we may select a target price that is not optimal and could negatively affect our sales or earnings;
  • our revenues are expected to decline over the short term and may decline over the long term as a result of this strategy;
  • our shift to a subscription licensing model may result in confusion among our installed perpetual license customers (which can slow adoption rates), partners, resellers and investors;
  • our relationships with existing partners that resell perpetual license products may be damaged;
  • we may incur costs at a higher than forecasted rate as we expand our cloud operations.

Quelle: http://www.adobe.com/investor-relations/financial-documents.html – FY2013 Form 10-K